"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.." (Matthew 6:24 Holy Bible)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

HUGE PRAISE and Symptom Update-October 2009

"I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." Psalm 139:14

When I prayed for healing, I didn't expect it to come this way, but God seldom works the way we think He should. That's why He's God. His ways are not our ways. Let me explain...

On October 27th 2009, I still had all of the symptoms of fuchs that are listed here in the black text and, barring healing, most likely had two corneal transplants or blindness to look forward to in my future. In the afternoon of Oct. 27th, I had my first spinal adjustment by Dr. Mix-Stork, using the NUCCA method. It was VERY GENTLE; in fact, I hardly noticed it other than I could feel a releasing of pressure sensation in my neck where she was applying the adjustment. The next two days I noticed changes to my eyes.

By the 30th, my eyes were totally clear upon awakening and I could tell my corneas weren't swollen and they weren't watery. Apparently, my spinal cord has been compressed or pinched for at least the past 6 years since my car accident, causing a plethura of physical maladies; my eye symtoms among them. Upon releasing that pressure, my fuchs symptoms have all seemed to have reversed themselves. Most of them are gone, the rest are due to my having an astigmatism, so my eyes are back to pre-car accident state at any rate.

I have not been to the eye Dr, yet, so I cannot say definitively that my fuchs is gone, but I can say that all the symptoms I was having are gone or decreased. I am praising God for this change as it is He who created our wonderous bodies to be able to heal themselves. Due to the car accident, my body needed a little help, but it's now untwisting itself with the help of regular adjustments keeping my spine in alignment, until it can keep it there on its own. I do give credit to Dr. Mix-Stork who is so caring and so skilled in what she does. Please call her for a consult if you're anywhere near her offices. (her husband Dr. Stork, is also practicing in the same office)

Please note that this method of chiropractic is nothing like the traditional kind that takes care of symptoms temporarily with painful adjustments. I know all about that kind, having gone to them since the age of 13! The changes to my eyes are just the beginning of my healing. So many more symptoms are being alieviated with no surgery or drugs, including constant and often debilitating pain in my neck, back and jaw. As an outdoor photographer ,this was quite frustrating and depressing; especially when I was unable to do and go where I needed to, for the shot I wanted or needed to get. I was also sick and/or fatigued all the time, and one day of photography would often wipe me out for days or even weeks. I already feel years younger and now look forward to a more active and productive life.

To those of you who've been faithfully praying for me, thank you so much! Please be sure to now praise and thank the Lord for this healing He's done and is doing in my life.

Please note that the black text shows symptoms as of July 2009, the red text shows symptom changes as of October 2009, after first spinal adjustment from Dr. Mix-Stork at Stork Spinal Care, using the NUCCA method!

*Trouble reading road signs/fast food menus/printed material/Bible-only slight due to astigmatism.

*Eye pain with bright/fluorescent light-Pre-Fuchs sensitivity

*Burning/watering eyes-Much decreased

*Imaginary moving objects/shadows-While driving-Not assessed yet

*Imaginary moving objects/shadows-In the house-decreased or gone

*Watery eyes in AM-slight watering of rt eye only upon first awakening.

*Hazy vision in AM and lasting until late afternoon-Gone

* blurry vision in AM and lasting until late-Gone, except for slight, due to astigmatism.

*Swollen corneas-Gone

*Halos-around street lights and light bulbs-Much decreased

*Glare-night driving, computer screen, back lit objects & off metal objects-especially sun glaring off cars-Much decreased

*Dry Eyes-Dry, gritty and burning in afternoon/evening-Much decreased.

*Feeling of foreign matter in my eye and occasional feelings of sharp pain(like a prick) that quickly subsides. -Gone

Sunday, July 19, 2009


One of my favorite things of the year is photographing Vacation Bible School for our church. We hold outdoor Bible schools in four locations, with three in the morning and one at night. My "job" is to go around and photograph at each of the locations.

This year I was sick in bed all day on Monday, so I already missed a whole day of moments. In spite of my recent check up, I can tell that my eyes have indeed declined this year. There are things that "fuchies" (people with fuchs) see and deal with, that aren't indicated by a certain vision number like 20/40, etc... Last year, I wore my sunglasses, but had them up on my head most of the time so I could see to take the pictures. I photographed at all the locations and didn't have the pain and migraines like I had this year from the sun and glare on my eyes. I even had to take Thursady off from photographing because my eyes hurt so much and I had to rest them. They are dryer than last year, too. This is especially troubling for me as an outdoor photographer!

As a result, I didn't get nearly the number of pictures this year and I missed so many moments. (the worker kids water balloon fight, the set ups and take downs, etc...) I went home early from our end of VBS party, too. I just couldn't do it anymore. (I was also under some emotional stress this year that added to it) I missed the goodbyes with the teams that had come to help us for the week and everything. This saddens me greatly as does the fact that I didn't get to know everyone as well as in past years.

Of course, it doesn't end there. Being a digital photographer, more time must be spent uploading, backing up, keywording and post processing the images; yet another strain on my eyes. I'm still working on them and it's taking longer than usual.

I was hindered in my ministry this year but I know God will bless what I was able to capture, for His glory! I also know that God will somehow use me and what I'm dealing with to help someone else either now or in the future. I'm excited about that!

For those of you who are prayer warriors, please pray for my friend Tanda that's having eye surgery on July 30 at 11:30am. I know she must be somewhat nervous and especially knowing someone else must lose their life in order for her to have renewed vision.

Tanda, if you are reading this, please know that when my dad died, we received notice that not one, but two people regained their vision because of his donation. It was a great comfort to us to know that because of him someone else's life was made better.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Good News!

Well, I was sick on the 24th so I rescheduled for July 1st. So, today I went in for my eye appointment. Good news! My eyes have remained pretty stable since this time last year. So the saying, "prepare for the worst, expect the best" has done me well once again.

Dr. Grigg used a cool, new machine that takes an xray type image of your eye. I think it's actually a retna machine, but you can see all sorts of things and layers of the eye, if you know what to look for. haha Mine is a slightly blurry or hazy image due to the effects of the Fuchs on my cornea. The image is in color, too, or it can be changed to black and white! Awesome. Other than the Fuchs, my eyes are in good health. My prescription hasn't changed for my glasses, so I didn't have to get new ones. They only really work in the morning to early afternoon anyway. Once I get a thickness measurement, I'll know a little better how my eyes are actually doing regarding the Fuchs, but in the meantime I will thank God for His goodness to me and that I can still see the flowers in bloom (click on "flowers in bloom" to see a flower slide show) this summer!

I won't bore you with the details, but he explained how my eyes can be swollen from retaining fluids, yet still dry at the same time. Made a lot of sense to me.

Just so you all know, I would recommend Dr. Grigg and his office to anyone needing an optometrist. Even though he's not a corneal specialist or opthomologist, he recognized right away that I may have Fuchs and referred me to a specialist for my second opinion. He has taken extra time and care with me and my specific situation. He truly cares about his patients. He's even been on my blog to read up on how I'm doing and that says a lot in this age of in-and-out doctors where they try to see as many patients as they possibly can with the least amount of time and care possible. Anyway, click on his name, this blog title or on the link in my Helpful Links list to go to his website. He and his wife are actually both doctors there. It's kinda funny because I see the Mr. and my husband sees the Mrs. So, you'll have to ask my husband what he thinks of her, but I would have to guess that she's just as caring about her patients as her husband.

With our summer so busy, I am looking at August or September to go see the corneal specialist. I'll update when I get that appointment set.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


I now have an appointment with my regular eye doctor on Wednesday the 24th. at 9:20am. Now, to coordinate with my husband, a date for a trip to the corneal specialist/surgeon about 4 hours away...

Monday, June 15, 2009

What is unseen

*A personal note: Let me begin this post by speaking to those of you who've committed to praying for me on a daily basis. Your prayers uplift and encourage me and are appreciated more than you could possibly know. Who knows where I'd be without your love, prayers, and support. So, thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

The month of May has come and gone and I haven't gone in for my eye check-up. I know, shame on me. I have good reasons, but not good excuses. I suppose the biggest reason is that I don't really want to know or think about how my eyes are doing. Is ignoring it really a coping mechanism or is it trusting the Lord? Am I just doing what needs to be done each day, the best that I can, in spite of the state of my vision? I hope so.

I believe that sometimes it's easier to just keep going along and not really think about my eyes much, other than the day to day inconveniences they cause me. Each morning I put in my eye drops, knowing that it's taking longer for my foggy vision to clear up, and that eventually it won't clear up at all and I'll need a corneal transplant; two of them. I find the more I think about it, the more my focus is on me instead of God and that hinders me from doing what I should be doing for Him. The irony is that a big part of what I do as a profession and to glorify Him is dependant on my vision. The truth is, each day I'm very aware of my eye problems. My vision, or rather lack of good vision is effecting my business and life more and more and I'm keenly aware of that fact on a daily basis, whether I admit it to myself or not. I've tried to stop talking about it to my family, since there's nothing they can do but pray, there's no reason to burden them with the details; although, I am forced to enlist their help at times to read a street sign or tell me if my image is in sharp focus or not. (here's where money for a camera/lens upgrade would be extremely helpful. Yet another miracle I'm praying for.)

Sometimes I think, "I'm tired of taking pictures." Yet, I know that I love taking pictures and I am not tired of taking them. I think the problem lies more with the struggle of straining to focus, the eye pain and fatigue from the glare of the bright sun or computer monitor, etc... I think I'm just tired of dealing with my eyesight. There's a struggle that goes on with each step of the process of my photography, and life in general, for me. Sometimes I get very frustrated! Sometimes I get mad! Sometimes I get the "poor me's." Yet, what Christ suffered for me is so far beyond what I think of as suffering. I can, after all, still see! Praise the Lord! The pain I have with my eyes (& other parts of my body) are nothing compared to the pain Christ was willing to suffer for me. Wow, I'm such a whiner, hu? What right do I have to complain?

So, speaking of Christ, where does my faith come into all of this? What do I know of God? I know He loves me. I know He sent His Son to die for me. I know He has a plan for my life. I know that His plan is perfect. I know that plan is for my good. I know God is able to heal me. I know that healing may not be in His perfect plan for me. I know He expects me to trust Him. I know He expects me to serve Him. I know He expects me to obey Him. I know He expects me to glorify Him. I could go on and on with this list.

Here's a scripture passage that encouraged me today...

2 Corinthians 4:16-18 "Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal."

Dear Lord,

Please give me strength to face each daily task and help me to not grow weary of the many struggles that come my way. May the eternal glory you're achieving in me shine bright for others to see. May each image I take point others to you through the glory of your creation. As I await your healing, whether on earth or in heaven, may your plan be completed in me and may this sinful servant be found faithful in your sight, no matter what you choose to do with mine. May the lessons I learn on this journey help me to encourage others going through similar situations in this life. In everything, may your will be done. In Jesus precious name, Amen

So, it would seem that my biggest reason for not going to the eye doctor is fear. Not a good reason. Okay, okay, I'll make an eye appointment! Sheesh.

Friday, April 10, 2009

"The Latest..."

I haven't done an update yet this year, so here goes...

I think my eyes are pretty much on a slow decline, but I will find out for sure in May since that's my next check up. It is getting increasingly hard to do what I love to do, take pictures outdoors.

I'm so thankful for my digital camera and it's autofocus capabilities, which can sometimes be a lifesaver for me. It can also fail me, though and then it's frustrating to see that it lost focus and what I thought would be nice sharp images, weren't. I'm hoping to upgrade my camera to one with a larger LCD screen, which will be helpful.

I'm having to wait longer in the day to do certain things and even then, there are things that don't come into full focus for me. That was the case with my last update, and I'm not sure how much worse it is now, than then.

My headaches are more frequent, especially set off by bright light or too much time on the computer.

So, I will just keep on keeping on and doing what God wants me to do. Love and serve Him. I guess that's all for this update.


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