"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.." (Matthew 6:24 Holy Bible)

Friday, August 23, 2013

Summary of 1st surgery & 2nd surgery in 4 days!

Well, it's time for another surgery and I never finished blogging about the first one.  I will write a short summary to update you all, but will have to leave out some amazing details.

My DSAEK turned out to be a DSEK.  Not a huge difference, just that the automated cutting of the donor tissue is eliminated with the DSEK.  It went well.  I began to panic a bit during the surgery as I felt a bit of pain so they ended up putting me into a deeper sleep.  That's the last thing I remembered.  The recovery was the worst part.  Due to chronic back, neck and jaw pain from injuries sustained in a car accident in 2003, the lying on my back for the first 24 hours after surgery was horrible!  Excruciating pain!  I finally got the right amount of meds to be able to sleep, but every 3 or 4 hours, I woke up in pain.  I was only allowed to be up for 20 minutes to use the restroom and eat.  Then, it was down 2 hours, up 2 hours for a few days.  That was more bearable.  The day after surgery, I went in for my post-op appointment and they took the bandages off.  It's not like in the movies where they take them off and you can miraculously see clearly, although I could see more than most people see that soon.  20/200 was my vision.

My vision was slowly improving, but at my 3 month, it has dropped from 20/40 to 20/70.  Not good.  There were no other signs of rejection or anything though.  No obvious reason for the change and even though I could see better in the exam room, the glasses didn't seem to help at all out in the lobby.  This was discouraging.  They were beginning to suspect the graft had failed and the possibility of a re-do on the same eye, rather than doing my other eye was discouraging but real.

A few weeks ago, I got checked again and the glasses are now helping, Praise God!  Not as much far away, but very clear for reading and seeing road signs and such for driving.  I'm hoping to get my other eye done this Tuesday.  I will see what Dr. Terry says at my pre-op appointment and 6 month check up on my surgery eye.  He was wanting to do a DMEK rather than a DSEK when the glasses weren't working.  I will make my final decision after getting his opinion.  Please pray for that decision, that the choice would be obvious by then.  The DMEK requires tilting the head back off the bed as well as the lying on the back for the first 24 hours and then the 2hrs up and 2 hours down is for more days.  There's also a chance of needing re-bubbles (from the tissue not adhering as well-my mom had 3) which puts you back to mostly down and 20 minutes up for a break and eat.  My mother was lying down for a full 10 days with her second DMEK.  I really don't want to go through that.  I do have meds though to hopefully help me get through whatever is necessary.  I know God will help me.  My husband will be there with me again.  He will read to me, get me whatever I need, make our meals, etc... He is such a blessing.  I thank God for him.  Well, that's my update for now.

Please continue to pray for me and for us as we travel.  Maybe my husband can update my blog for me.  We'll see.  I would love to hear from friends and family while I'm there.  Message me on facebook for the address.  :)

Friday, March 1, 2013

Part 1-Home Away from Home

I would like to thank all those who've been praying for me and my vision; whether you've just begun, have been praying for years, since my diagnosis, or will start today; thank you.  You will never know what your prayers, concern, gifts and cards mean to me.  May God greatly bless you for remembering me.  I would ask that you continue praying. 

Sunday, Feb 3, 2013-Today, we left Idaho and arrived at Green Gables Guest House (built in1908), in Portland, Oregon. The guest house is a home away from home for patients and family members who live outside of the Portland area. It is very affordable, at only $25 a night. It's kind of like a bed and breakfast, only you make your own meals. There are volunteers who come each day to check on things, clean, and make up rooms for the next guest. There are even volunteers who keep up the grounds and flower garden. Some of these people are actually paid, but I'm not sure which ones; probably the cleaning people.

The roads were clear and dry, even over the mountain passes, one of many answered prayers. In addition to my husband, my mom is with us.  She will get her 3 and 6 month check up (for DMEK surgery she had on her eyes) with Dr. Terry tomorrow, when I get my pre-op appointment and will fly home after my surgery on Tuesday. I'm glad she will be there for my surgery.  

We got all checked into our rooms at the guest house and headed for Tillamook, Oregon.  We stopped in at the Tillamook cheese factory and had a great time sampling the cheeses, watching the 40lb. blocks be cut into smaller ones and then packaged.  We checked out the gift shop and bought a few things.   

We also had ice cream at their creamery.  Ohmygoodness!!!  It was so delicious!  I'm hoping my favorite flavors are available in our stores at home.  Back in Portland we had dinner at Stepping Stone Cafe, made popular by the show, "Man vs. Food".

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Peaceful-5 Days before DSAEK Surgery

1/31/13 Thursday
Well, I’m now 5 days away from my surgery.  I haven’t been worried about the roads like I was before I started praying, in faith, for God to make clear, safe paths through the mountains for us.  Now and then a tiny worry will enter my mind and I just say, “Nope, God will clear the way and be with us.  There is nothing to worry about.” Same with the surgery.  I know so many people are praying for me…I really can feel it, a total peace from God. It’s awesome!  I’m excited to see better, even though it will be one or more months before it clears up for good vision after the surgery.

Friday, January 25, 2013

DSAEK surgery-weather and roads?

1/25/13 Friday
The weather and road condition for our drive to Portland for my DSAEK surgery is something the devil is using to try to cause fear in my life.  I just keep giving it to God, knowing that if He wants me to get there at this time for my surgery, He will clear the way.  I’m trusting Him to do that for me.  My awesome husband is taking two weeks off of work to be my chauffeur and “nurse”. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

2-1/2 Weeks until first DSAEK

1/18/13 Friday 
My corneal surgery for my 1st. (left) eye is in just 2-1/2 weeks! The PCIP (Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan) is in place and it’s such a relief.  I feel I’m ready, or at least as ready as one can be for such a thing.  God will have to give me the courage and strength to go through with it when the time comes, because it’s not something I can do on my own.  I know He will help me do it! 


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