"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.." (Matthew 6:24 Holy Bible)

Friday, March 7, 2008

Current Symptoms

*Trouble reading road signs/fast food menus/printed material/Bible -Either can't focus to read or get extreme strain and or bad headache from reading. (started using audio Bible in March and learned to Ctrl scroll to make online print larger for reading) Very hard to read captioning on TV or reader board that scrolls across during Nascar races, get eye strain if I try.

*Eye pain with bright/fluorescent light-I'm now wearing sunglasses indoors at church due to florescent lighting and at home if drapes are open as well as outdoors.

*Burning/watering eyes-Especially in sun or bright light. Hard to do outdoor photography.

*Imaginary moving objects/shadows-While driving, especially at night I think I see things/people in or by the roadside that aren't there.

*Imaginary moving objects/shadows-In the house, Seems like things flash by quickly, like a mouse or spider is in the house and just went past and I turn my head to look and nothing's there.

*Watery eyes in AM-Started using Muro 128 eye drops in March, one in left eye and two in right helps dry them up, helps vision.

*Hazy vision in AM-some mornings looks like light layer of smoke is filling the house. Muro eye drops are helping with this.

*Halos-around street lights-big round fuzzy areas of halo around street lights/porch lights.
light bulbs-Can't see filament, looks like marshmallows with streaks coming off.

*Glare-night driving-headlights cover both sides of road.
computer screen-must turn down or wear sunglasses
back lit objects-very little detail
off metal objects-especially sun glaring off cars.

*Dry Eyes-Dry and burning in afternoon/evening-Using Gen Teal wetting eye drops, as needed.


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