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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"Eye Appointment"

I just got back from the eye Dr. This is my regular eye Dr., not the corneal specialist. (I'm still waiting to hear back from him.)

He took much time and care to check my eye for any changes and to check the overall health of my eyes besides the Fuchs'. It's nice to have a Dr. that actually cares about the patient.

My eyes are healthy besides the Fuchs'. My left eye had more swelling than my right.

I don't need a change in my eye glasses. I just need to figure out what times of day or night it's best to wear them. With my eyesight fluctuating because of the corneal swelling, sometimes they bother me and I can see better without them. Wierd.

I had a glare test done today. That was strange. My eyes were worse with the glare, but I forgot to ask for details about how much a difference there was. I know it's not nearly bad enough to lose my license or anything, though. It was quite interesting to see the difference between reading the letters under ideal conditions and again with the glare of the light shining at me.

My optometrist is sending my records to the Corneal Specialist. Maybe that will help get the ball rolling for me since I haven't heard anything back from him, yet.

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